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Our New Direction From God

Watch as Glenn & Marjorie Broce share about God's new direction for them, as they transition from Uganda back to the US. They will be traveling to churches both stateside and across the world as they share the message God has given them to stir the body of Christ. Broce Family Missions

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ugandan (English) Dictionary

Taken from many missionaries' experiences (parenthesis indicate country specific definition)

  • Am = I'm
  • American Horse = Chopper style motorcycle (USA)
  • Are we together = Are we in agreement or during we have a deal (USA)
  • Are you getting me = Do you understand (USA)
  • Ashoom = Assume (USA)
  • BBQ - Barbie (NZ)
  • Bih-biblical = Biblical
  • Boda-Boda or just Boda = Motorcycle taxi (USA)
  • Bonnet = Car hood (USA)
  • Boot = Car trunk (USA)
  • Branch left/right = Turn left/right
  • Break down truck = Tow truck
  • Burial = Funeral
  • Can I pick you? = Can I give you a ride? (USA)
  • Can you imagine! = Said when something is done wrong, or if someone does something not normal.
  • Cavara = Plastic (Walmart type) bag (USA)
  • Chips = French Fries (USA)
  • Cocktail = Juice made of a mix of fruits (no alcohol)
  • Crisips = Potato Chips (USA)
  • Do you know how to dig? = Do you know how to garden? (USA)
  • Ease myself = Go to the bathroom (USA)
  • Extend = Move over (NZ)
  • Extend a bit = Move forward a little
  • Extend a little = Move forward a bit
  • Firstborn = Oldest Child (USA)
  • Flyover = Overpass (USA)
  • Food = Starchy or main food.
  • Football = Soccer (USA)
  • Football Pitch = Soccer field (USA)
  • He never hit a miss = He always nailed the target
  • He's my follower = She is my sister born after me
  • He picked = He answered the phone
  • Hell-ith = Health
  • Hon-est = Honest
  • Hoot = Honk the horn (USA)
  • How is the going? = How's it going? (USA)
  • How is there = How are things at home?
  • I am about = I am almost finished
  • I am fearing = I am afraid (USA)
  • I am going for prayers = I’m going to church
  • I am on my way coming = I know I should have been there x minutes ago, but I'd like you to know that I do intend to get there at some point
  • I am paining = I have a pain somewhere in my body of undisclosed location
  • I am somehow =I am improving from an illness
  • I bounced = I popped over to see you but you weren’t home (NZ)
  • I have ever gone there = I have been there before (USA)
  • I kissed your car = I just smashed in your fender!
  • I will raise them = I will call them (USA)
  • I'm about = I will be there soon (but not really because they haven't even left yet)
  • I'm making 48 = I'll be turning 48 on my next birthday
  • I'm reaching = I am coming and even I may not have even left yet
  • I’m a bit fine = Get the priest he hasn't got long
  • I’m coming = As in I just now am leaving
  • Irish potato = Potato (USA)
  • It got finished = There is none left
  • It is finished = Everything on most menus every where
  • It's opposite from = It is across from (USA)
  • It's paining = it's hurting
  • It's there = Somewhere in a specific direction.
  • It’s not there = I'm sorry the item you have ordered (at a restaurant) 10 minutes ago appears to be out of stock. I'm so sorry to have wasted your time.
  • Jam = Jelly (USA)
  • Jam= traffic jam (USA)
  • Jelly or baby jelly = Petroleum jelly/ Vaseline (USA)
  • Jiga Byte = Gigabyte (USA)
  • Long call = Going #2 (bathroom) (USA)
  • Lorry = Truck (USA)
  • Mil-ihk = Milk (USA)
  • Mzungu = White person
  • Moving = The act of walking/moving about during the course of the day
  • Napkin = Feminine product (USA)
  • Next Wed = Wed after next
  • Not so? = Am I right?
  • OK please = Yes
  • Overtake = Pass another vehicle (USA)
  • Pad = Feminine product
  • Pad-ze = Ditto
  • Paralyzed = Numb
  • Parking! or Stage! = This is my stop. or I'm getting off here. (USA)
  • Parmpa instead of Nappi's or diapers (UK)
  • Pash = Power nap (NZ)
  • Passion= Passion juice
  • Please extend! = move over or get out of the way
  • Potato = Sweet potato
  • Pre-shoom = Presume (USA)
  • Private hire = Taxi (USA)
  • Punching machine = Hole punch
  • Revance = reverse, as in the opposite of advance
  • Reverse = Back up the car (USA)
  • Sauce = Protein cooked in water with salt added
  • Serviette = Napkin (USA)
  • She has pressure = She's got raised blood pressure (UK)
  • She is about = She's due any day
  • She is heavy = She is very pregnant or about to deliver
  • She is in the hospital with sugar = She is hospitalized for diabetes (UK)
  • She is putting on a trouser = She is putting on her pants (USA)
  • She produced = She gave birth
  • She was knocked by a boda = She was hit by a motorcycle
  • Shifting = Moving to a new place of residence
  • Shop = Small place to buy things
  • Short call = Going #1 (bathroom) (USA)
  • Shower/bathroom = Where you bathe
  • Slope down = go down the road, literally it's down a hill to the left right or straight
  • Sorry, sorry! = When anything bad happens, from tripping to your child being sick
  • Speed humps = Speed bumps (USA)
  • Stapling machine --Stapler (USA)
  • Stedge (stage) = Place where you can get Boda's or taxis
  • Stockzi = Socks
  • Store = Storage area
  • Strimmer-= Weed whacker (USA)
  • Sweater = Jumper (Australia)
  • Taxi = Toyota mini-van that seats 15 people including driver
  • The Baganda call ‘arms’ hands. So when you are talking about sleeves they say, your hands are big!
  • The village = Anywhere not Kampala
  • The what...? = Said often in to emphasize a point
  • Tipper = Dump truck (USA)
  • To buzz or Flash = To call someone and hang up on first ring so they’ll call you back
  • Toilet = Restroom or bathroom (USA)
  • Torch = Flashlight (USA)
  • Trolley = Shopping cart (USA - or buggy in the south)
  • Trousers = Pants (USA)
  • Up-country = Anywhere outside of Kampala
  • Warm water = Room temperature water (USA)
  • We won them = We beat them in a game (NZ)
  • Well be back = welcome back (USA)
  • What baby? = Is your baby a boy or a girl?
  • When someone asks you if you want something and you say, "It's okay" in America that would mean no, but in Uganda it means yes.
  • Where do you pray from? = What church do you go to?
  • Where do you stay? = Where do you live? (USA)
  • You are lost = I haven't seen you for a long time
  • You are most welcome = Welcome, as in thanks for coming (USA)
  • You are so fat = You're looking good
  • You are stubborn = You are funny
  • You beat me = Anything from light tap to a severe whack
  • You give me = Could I please have (USA)
  • You look smart = You look nice (USA)
  • You pick me = Pick me up (in the sense of meeting someone with a vehicle)
  • You sit = I accept your price for the motorcycle taxi fare (USA)
  • Zebra crossing (pronounced zehbra) = Crosswalk (USA)
  • Zed = The letter Z (USA-pronounced zee)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

So, Do You Speak African?

We've heard that question or comment often while in the states. Africa is the least known continent in the world, or so it seems.  Everywhere else people know you from the country you live in or are from, except for countries in Africa. We thought we'd take a few minutes to 'update' you on Africa.

Most people have no idea just how large the continent of Africa is.
Click on picture for full-size
As you can see from the above photo, you can fit the US, India, China, Eastern Europe and much of Western Europe inside of Africa.

There are between 1,250 to 2,100 languages (some estimates put it about 3,000) spoken throughout the continent of Africa. For example, there are about 500 languages spoken in the country of Nigeria alone!

Africa is not only the second largest continent by area, but the second most populated as well. There is over 1.1 billion people that live in the continent of Africa. From 1982 through 2009 its population doubled.

There are 54 recognized countries in Africa. This is a great online quiz from the Washington Post to test your knowledge of African countries.

The current outbreak (which is not the first for Ebola in Africa) is in Western Africa. To give you a perspective of where that is, take a look at the picture below.

Now, compare that with the above picture of Africa to give you a sense of distance. We live well over 2,000 miles away from the current outbreak.

Big Things
Lake Victoria, which we live just a few miles away, is the 2nd largest fresh-water lake in the world, at  26,600 square miles. That is larger than whole countries. Only Lake Superior, in North America, is larger.

The Nile–Kagera river system is the longest in the world at 4,132 miles long. Compare that to the Amazon–Ucayali–Apurímac river system at 3,976 or the Mississippi–Missouri–Jefferson river system at 3,902 miles long.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is 19,341 feet tall, and the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

The pyramid of Khufu at Giza, Egypt, is the world's tallest. Also known as the Great Pyramid, it is 451 ft high.
Nigeria is the 7th largest country by population in the world at 174.5 million people.

Algeria is the 10th largest country by area.

We hope this gives you a frame of reference and insight regarding Africa. It is a very diverse continent in many different ways.
Oh, we don't speak African. The official language in Uganda is English, but no, not everybody speaks it. (There are an estimated 40 different languages spoken in Uganda.)

And, we live in Uganda. Just Uganda.