Saturday, October 15, 2011

Joshua - Kampala Pastor - Ugandan Visionary

Pastor Joshua at Church For All Nations
Bishop Joshua lives in Kampala, Uganda- Africa, and is a change agent for not only his country, not only East Africa, but for his entire continent. He is a simple man with a simple vision of seeing individuals, families, communities, regions and nations transformed from darkness, into the light of Jesus, in a holistic way, meaning not just spiritual transformed, but in the natural, living a prosperous life, here on earth.

We are excited to be working with Joshua, because that is what God placed on our hearts, 5 years ago. God told us that we would be ministering in Africa (and the world) in a Spirit, Soul and Body way. We said "Great! What's that God?" God unfolded a plan to us that would see people's lives transformed here on earth, enabling them to earn a better living, live healthier lives, start small businesses, provide for physical immediate needs such as food, clothing, shelter and medical needs, AND teaching them the Word of God, building a strong Biblical foundation, teaching and training pastors, missionaries, youth leaders, evangelists- in other words, make disciples who will make disciples. Sounds like it came from God's Word, eh? We thought so too!

Pastor Joshua and the Broce Family in Colorado Springs, CO USA
Bishop Joshua is the senior pastor for Grace Assembly Church in Uganda's capital- Kampala. He is the Overseer (a.k.a. Bishop) of the "National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda" (whew- that's a mouth full!), which is an association of about 30,000 churches in Uganda. 

What else is cool? The government of Uganda has given Pastor Joshua incredible favor. President Musevini and his wife, Janet, who is an MP or Member of Parliament and is the Minister of Karamojo, have charged Pastor Joshua with bringing transformation to the Karamojo region, which the government has tried to do for years, but has been unsuccessful

Pastor Joshua's vision is to see Uganda transform from a third world country to a "first" world country. The timing is now, as the government is very supportive. "Strike while the iron's hot!"

We are so excited to be a part of what is happening. God has something special for Uganda, and we are honored to be a part of it!

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