Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Moving Process

We've been asked, "How do you do it? How do you go about moving to a different country? Do you just store your stuff, or do you just pack everything you own in your suitcases?"

Great questions!

It's been quite a process for us, as we've been preparing it seems for years to move to the mission field.

Mostly, it started with going to Guatemala. We decided that we weren't going to keep our furniture, so we got rid of most of it, except for a few pieces that our son used while he stayed with grandma & grandpa while graduating from high school.

Then, we went through our stuff and started giving away a bunch of it.

It has always amazed me how much a "stuff" society we are, and we are no exception!

Then it got to the harder part, as we we started getting down to the "sentimental stuff".

So, for Guatemala, we decided to rent a storage unit, for pictures and papers that we needed to keep. That grew to a 10 x 15 foot storage unit, and it got jam packed with stuff!

When we came back in June, we were sorta glad that we had kept some bedding and clothes and kitchen stuff, etc.

When we figured out we were staying until January, we pulled it all out, got rid of the storage unit, and have been slowly going through things.

Now, its getting to the really hard sentimental items, such as "I remember building some many projects with my dad and that handsaw; how could I get rid of it?" For Marjorie, it's been our pots and pans that came from both sets of her grandparents.

Some items have incredible sentimental value, but are only stored in boxes, and have zero practical use.

We have just a few precious suitcases each to bring what we will need for several years, and the travel comes at a premium cost, so we are being careful and strategic (we hope) in what we're bringing with us to Uganda.

We have reduced our 21+ years of life together and 5 children's worth of memories to a few (well,maybe not enough "few") plastic bins. We still need to whittle our way down a bit, but we're getting closer.

When we leave, we'll have kept the absolute basics of "stuff" and gotten rid of 98% of what we had accumalated.

That's how it's worked for us. No house. No car. No motor boat. Not a single luxury. Like Robinson Crusoe, it's as primitive as can be.


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