Monday, November 21, 2011

The Right Stuff?

Could you imagine, selling or giving away all of your stuff? What about saying good-bye to your family and friends? How about resigning from a promising career? Could you fit your 20+ years of marriage and family memories into a few pieces of luggage? Could you move to a world where Walmarts and Costcos don't exist, McDonalds has no golden arches and the Whopper is unheard of? Could you give up all of this for years on end?

We've had some people marvel at us and hold us up in high esteem because of our "sacrifices". They could never imagine doing something like we do.

I respond by telling them that when you position yourself in the center of God's plan for your life, there is an incredible grace or empowerment that enables you to do what it is God has for you. 

Could I imagine working the graveyard shift at 7-11, because that's where God wants me in order to reach people that no one else could reach? Nope- I don't have the grace for that! Could I work as a car-salesman because there is a group of people that others can never touch? No way- no grace for that. Could I be the office manager of an insurance firm? I don't have the empowerment for those positions.  The fulfillment isn't there because that's not what He's called me to do.

God has really cool plans for each one of us and with those plans comes his empowerment- his grace, to accomplish it with fulfillment. He gives us job descriptions so unique, that no one else could fulfill them.

Isn't God cool? He gives us all, the "Right Stuff". I guess the real question should be, "Are we positioning ourselves to be in the center of his plan for us?"

Food for thought.


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