Friday, February 24, 2012

"Are YOU born again?"

The kids and I (Marjorie) have been going to a gym this month.  We spotted a pool and gym on our walk to the supermarket that we take quite often and so I went in and inquired about the cost.  I was told how much it is for our family and then went home to persuade my husband that this would be a good thing.

It took a couple days, but he finally relented.  We joined the gym for a month. (We actually got a good deal because the trainer had quoted a price for only one individual instead of the whole family, so he let us in for the price of just one---Yay God!)


I love to talk to the Ugandans even when just passing them on a non-busy street.  (The busy streets have too many people to greet!)  And they love to be greeted.  Their face turns from one that is quite somber, to one that is lit up with a grin from ear to ear.  As I learn more Lugandan, I've noticed that they really warm up to me even faster.  So far, I know how to say "sir" which is Saybo.  And "Maam", which is Nyabo.  "Hello" is Oliotia.  That's about all I know. 

Anyway, since I enjoy meeting people (and they enjoy meeting me :), I've gotten to know Rhona.  She was the only other female in the gym everyday when we started.  So, my girls and I and Rhona would do the boot camp class together.  Then we'd sit down and talk until my boys were done working out with weights.  Last week she took me to the outdoor market and helped me to haggle since she knew the prices and my white skin often causes the prices to go up for some reason. (We call that "American Tax).   So, HER skin helped the prices to stay satisfactory.

Rhona told me that she visited her mom last Saturday after she dropped me off and her mom was so happy to see her.  Apparently something I said encouraged her to visit her mom.  At that point, I knew that Rhona was open to me speaking into her life.

After class, our conversation was about her visit to her mom's.  She then told me, "My mom is born again."  (Here they don't say "Christian" but they say "Born Again").  Aha!  Perfect opportunity!  I asked, "Are YOU born again?"  She said, "I was, but then I went to University...."

I began talking about how much God loves her and I know that if she could experience His love, she would come running to him.  Without any pressure at all, I said, "I'll tell you what.  I'm going to pray for you, for the next two weeks, to receive a revelation on God's love for you.  In two weeks time, you will have a totally different perspective of God."  She seemed to be in favor of this.

Rhona is a business woman with her own Boutique.  She travels to China, Turkey and another country that has skipped my mind, to buy clothes for her Boutique and for her friend's stores.  She was determining whether she would travel next month or order from Europe.  So, knowing that she'd be OK with this, I said, let's pray.

I prayed that God would give her wisdom to know which to do and that He'd connect her with the right people or websites.  The next day I asked her how it went.  She started telling me how she found all these websites that she didn't know existed before, so she was going to save the travel money and order from Europe instead.  BUT she didn't connect THAT with our prayer or with God's love for her.

So I did. "Rhona, do you see how much God loves you?  He gave you a thought, and you found websites that you didn't know about!  That's how much He loves you! " She seemed to acknowledge the truth of what I had spoken.  I love how God shows His love practically!

And so, we are in the middle of the two weeks.  Pray with me that Rhona is just totally blown away by God's love!


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