Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's the Difference, Anyways?

by Glenn BroceWe thought it might be fun to tell some of the differences between Uganda and America (more Colorado):
  • We drive on the left side of the road
  • We have to purify our tap water with pills and wait 30 minutes before drinking it
  • There's no Starbucks here
  • No fast food [Update: As of Dec 2013 we now have KFC]
  • No American stores here (McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.) [See above]
  • Dairy products are much more expensive
  • Fewer Mzungus (white people) here
  • Traffic is ..... disorganized chaos
  • Weather is much more humid
  • More beggars on the streets, from 3 year olds to older people
  • Electricity goes out a lot
  • Their English is a British/African accent
  • Distance is better measured in time taken versus miles away
  • Lots of bugs
  • Tons more birds, that are more chatty, bigger and make funny sounds
  • People are generally more polite
  • Most ladies wear dresses
  • Most people are better dressed (slacks vs. jeans, collared shirts vs. t-shirts)
  • Lots of pot holes in the roads
  • Length of day is always 12 hours 6 minutes- year round
  • Everyone has a cell phone, regardless of economic status
  • They eat steamed bananas
  • Soccer is king
  • Malaria is a real danger
  • Our friend works 14 hours a day and earns $2 a day
  • 1 pint of Hagan Daaz ice cream costs $24
  • You can buy furniture (beds, sofas, etc.) on the side of many roads
  • Boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) are everywhere
  • Some people sleep at churches
  • Many people don't have electricity or running water
  • Goats run wild through the city- most of which are pregnant
  • The egg yolks are more white than yellow
  • Most people have manual dryers- the sun
  • Dish-washing machines have to be fed
  • A dollar's worth of money is in the thousands in Uganda shillings
  • Stores have lots of employees that are paid little
  • People are salaried not paid by the hour
  • Vendors swarm you while stopped in traffic
  • Lots of witchcraft


  1. I think it was all percievable... right up to the "witchcraft" jammy.

    *SCreeeeeeeeeTCH*!!! (, whoa.)

  2. Hahahaha, brilliant to see it through the eyes of a stranger.....that road traffic u summed up as chaos....its kinda like the best we have ever known...its home. Yea, stores have loads of staff whose total salary is half the manager's allowances.!witchcraft is leaving in the name of Jesus and the people sleeping in church are either desparate for God's breakthrough or come from miles away and have to spend the nyt...or better still..are homeless