Thursday, May 31, 2012


by Glenn Broce
It's hard to believe, but one year ago today, we were boarding a plane to go back to the US to get ready for our next assignment- Uganda. In this past year, we've lived in 3 countries and God has been so faithful and good to us.

Today also marks our 4 month anniversary of arriving here in Kampala, Uganda, after spending 7 months in the US preparing, training and building support for our transition to Africa.

We are settling into God's current vision for our lives, and it is an amazing ride to say the least!

We had an super time in Guatemala, learning ministry as a family, serving widows, orphans, staff and teams who came to make life better for those who could not themselves. We made life-long friends- Guatemalans, Canadians and Americans, and our lives are so much richer as a result.

Our time in the US was blessed as well, as we were reacquainted with old friends, made new friends and got to spend one last summer with our eldest child, Jake. Our children were able to attend their old school, and reconnect with their friends in America, while Marjorie and I were able to get the training we needed and build our support team members. We spent Christmas as a family again, and it was such a blessing to be together. 

One of the highlights for me personally in the US, was meeting with our Missions Team at CFAN and having the privilege of meeting many of the missionaries that we as a church support. Several work in countries that are hostile to the gospel and so aren't able to publicly proclaim who they are or where they go, but I felt as if I was standing in the presence of God's 4-star generals!

We left the US in late January for Kampala, and have been adjusting to the climate and culture and all things Ugandan. Some things are great some just are and some are challenging, but God is faithful to get us through it all. I now teach two Bible classes a week, am directly in charge of the media group, produce PowerPoint animations and illustrations for Pastor Joshua and help oversee and develop a missionary group of over 125 missionaries here in Uganda whose purpose is to support each other, help exchange inquires and answers to each other and hope of having an annual conference to help provide for our spiritual needs as a missionary community.

Recently, we took our eldest daughter to the airport to fly back to the US to get a summer job before starting John Brown University in August, where her older brother Jake goes too.

All in all, we stay busy, but we know that we are in the middle of where God has called us to be.

We are so grateful for this past year, and we are so grateful for you who have been a part of it with us!

Thank you,

~The Broces

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