Friday, August 31, 2012

Qualifictions to be a Missionary

by Glenn Broce
I've been thinking that many people might be wondering what it takes to be a missionary, so we've put together a small list of what we think the qualifications should be:

  • Must be able to take showers with a "jerry" can of warm water poured into a small tub/bucket, and lap the water up onto your body.
  • Must be able to sit through many conversations and speeches without having an interpreter and have no clue what is said.
  • Must be able to endure warm and humid weather while dressed up in a suit and tie.
  • Must be able to sleep under a mosquito net and not touch it while sleeping.
  • Must be able to get used to the smell of insect repellant and bug spray.
  • Must be able to try new "foods"
  • Must be able  to sit in traffic for over an hour for what should have taken less than 10 minutes
  • Must be able to deal with people constantly begging you for money.
  • Must be able to dry your clothes on a clothes line outside.
  • Must be able to get used to "different" tasting milk.
  • Must not be prone to freaking out when you get very sick.
  • Must be willing to endure more limited communication with friends back home.
  • Must be able to live with SLOOOOW Internet.
  • Must be able to not judge everything you see, but rather observe and learn.
  • Must be able to endure roosters in the mornings.
  • Must be able to endure LOUD music and preaching during church services.
  • Must be able to drive defensively and aggressively simultaneously.
  • Must be able to endure houses and business with no air conditioning.
  • Must be able to drive on the opposite side of the road.
  • Must be able to navigate extreme potholes, motorcycles EVERYWHERE, and cars that make up their own rules.
  • Must be able to do all of the above and retain your sanity!