Monday, September 24, 2012

Visitors from Another World

Glenn Henderson Teaching at Discipleship Class
Glenn Henderson Teaching the Staff of BANCS
by Glenn Broce
We just finished a strategic and extremely powerful visit with our pastor from Church For All Nations, Mark Cowart and also Glenn Henderson, a successful businessman and who  is on the board of CFAN.


They spent 10 jam-packed days going from meeting to meeting, imparting God's wisdom to a hungry nation, in many venues and platforms, from BANCS (micro-finance) to members of parliament (Ugandan Congress), URA officials (Ugandan IRS), pastors, business men and women, and even a high ranking judge.

There were several doors that were unlocked, and I believe a new level of Kingdom influence that took place in these 10 days. We are not looking to bring American culture to Uganda, rather Kingdom culture. That is the only thing that will transform Uganda and release Uganda into its divine destiny.
"Just because it works, doesn't make it right," said Glenn Henderson Monday morning at the discipleship class. He continued saying, "if it's right, it will work though."

Professional's Dinner Seminar - Pastor Mark and Mike Croslow

Professional's Dinner Seminar - Glenn Henderson
Pastor Mark Cowart Teaching the Staff of BANCS

These words, although seemingly obvious, transformed the minds of business leaders and government officials. In fact, one businessman exclaimed to Glenn Henderson with pride that he had posted that on his Face Book page and his website. It was a paradigm shift for many.

I told Glenn Henderson that the statements the people make and the questions they ask, reveal where the country is culturally, ethically and morally. It's like we just took their pulse and vital signs.

Uganda is where they are because of their core thoughts and beliefs, which is where their behaviors (i.e. business practices, law enforcement, judicial decisions, laws made, etc) come from.

Glenn Henderson is able to connect to people on a whole new level, because of who he is and where he comes from. He is a successful businessman, who has made a lot of money, but he started out very humbly, and made many mistakes along the way. Through it all, God has taught him Biblical principals that have shaped and formed how he does business and how he lives life.

It was these same principals that Glenn shared that so impacted many influential people- members of parliament, judges, URA officials (Ugandan IRS), businessmen and women, pastors, church leaders and people from all walks of life.

Glenn wasn't just sharing his testimony, he was infusing it with the Word of God. The Word is powerful and it always accomplishes God's purposes, never returning empty of accomplishment. Rather, it brings transformation by renewing people's minds. How do we see Uganda, Africa, America, the world transformed? By the renewing of people's minds.

The people are so hungry for what Glenn Henderson and Pastor Mark brought. We are excited to see what is next. Maybe it's YOU!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pastor Mark Cowart and Glenn Henderson Visit

It's been wonderful having Pastor Mark and Glenn Henderson here in Kampala, Uganda for 10 days. Click on our Face Book ministry page for pictures (you don't need to have Face Book to see the pitctures.)

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