Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Language Lesson

by Glenn Broce
We thought we'd help you prepare to visit us by helping you learn the language first.
Some of these are differences in pronunciation, others are British words and some are different expressions.

Uganda - America

Root - Route
Bonnet - Hood (car)
Boot -Trunk (car)
Fool - Full
Lorry - Truck
You have been lost - Haven't seen you in a while
Ashoom - Assume
Gohd - God
Sorry - Oops
Well be back! - Welcome back!
Bibilical - Biblical (extra i)
I am breast - I am blessed (many can't pronounce L's)
You are welcome - Come on in
Biscuit - Cookie
Irish potato - Potato (versus sweet potato)
Milick - Milk (extra vowel)
Helleth - Health (extra vowel)
Clothez - Clothes (extra vowel)
Take Tea - Drink Tea
Boda - Motorcycle (usually implies a taxi-motorcycle)
You are most welcome - You are very welcome
Wed~nes~day -Windsday (Wednesday, but they pronounce it all)
Twelev - Twelve (extra vowel)
American Horse - Chopper (Motorcycle with funky handle bars)
straight away - now (immediately)
tarp~o~lee~um - tarp
petrol - gas (gasoline)
paraffin - kerosene

You are most welcome!

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