Monday, August 26, 2013

Destined to Win

by Glenn Broce
Cuthbert was so impacted by Marjorie's teaching that he asked her to come back and teach more at his church, 'Destined to Win'. As the Executive Director for the Tourism Board  in Uganda, he'd been
Glenn & Pastor Cuthbert
struggling with staying at his current position in government or quitting to be pastor full-time at the church he started about a year ago. Marjorie's teaching gave him release to remain where he was. Cuthbert dilemma is no different than many Christians. When we think ministry, we think in terms of full-time working in the church as a pastor or evangelist, etc.

God has been working in Marjorie and me building upon strategies and bringing fresh revelation. He's been helping us with a strategy to help the Body of Christ fulfill the Great Commission.

It's a strategy that God has been revealing to us based on the 7 Mountains of Influence (Media, Government, Education, Family, Arts & Entertainment, Religion and Business).  Whoever occupies key positions in any of these areas, transforms society. Unfortunately, we the church have been expecting the pastor, teacher, apostle, evangelist and prophet to go bring the world into the church.

We have it backwards. Those 5 offices are to equip the people in church to go out into all the world to do the work of the ministry. If we the church understood that we are the full-time ministers but that we are called not to the church by the world that God has given us, then we'd truly see the Kingdom of God advance in miraculous ways! Here in Uganda, and many parts of the world, when the pastor comes into the church, someone shouts "The man of God is in the house," and all are expected to give reverence to him. We've elevated the wrong people.

Glenn & Marjorie at "Destined to Win" Church
Therefore, a teacher is just in full-time ministry as we are, and their world is the classroom. The T.V. news reporter is every bit as much a missionary and their world is their audience. An artist is a missionary whose world is art. A city councilman, a businesswoman--they are missionaries and are just as called and anointed as those in the 5 offices.

The role of the church is to Discover, Develop and Deploy it's members into the world. When I (Glenn) was in the Army, I was a crew-member on helicopters. In battle, we were resupplied at what we call a F.A.R.P. or Forward Arming and Resupply Point. That is exactly what the Church ought to be.
For some reason, we as Christians have separated who we are as Christians and what we do as humans. I know pastors that when it comes time to construct a new building or have extensive remodeling done, they cringe if they hear it is being one by a "Christian" contractor. When I was a manager for a retailer in the US, I hesitated to hire "Christian" workers. Why? Because unfortunately, many Christians have made a bad name for themselves as sub-standard workers, people who cut corners, people who can't get along with others.

During our teaching seminar at Destined to Win church, I talked about how we, the church, need to follow the 3 C's formula; Character + Competency + Chemistry (teamwork) = Credibility. As Christians, we need to excel at each of the C's!! Credibility is what allows the world to hear the Good News. Pastor Cuthbert was really impacted by this. 

Marjorie and Beatrice
After the teaching sessions, Marjorie conducted the practical session. She helped people find their passion. Out of passion ("Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.") comes vision or God's purpose for you ("For I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD"). She lead people through a series of questions and then brought up a couple of people as a demonstration. Beatrice was the first, and she was so cute. She listed her 5 things that she's passionate about. When she talked about 'Beautifying Women', she just light up! It wasn't hard to determine what her passion was.

We need to find the world that God has called us to. We need to find the passion that God has placed within us. We need to go equipped with that passion into the world share the good news with everyone and make disciples of all nations. 

If we think strategically, we CAN do it. We are, "Destined to Win."

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