Monday, August 19, 2013

ROI - Calculating My Return On Investment

by Glenn Broce
Relationships. The crux of what we do here, is building relationships. Some are long term, some are short term, but it all boils down to relationships.

The security guard at the grocery store. The down and out passerby asking for a job. The deacon looking for knowledge. The next door neighbor. Our kids' friends. They all are about relationship.

In America, it seems my life boiled down to accomplishing things. The ubiquitous 'to-do lists' and Day Timers, calendars, etc. My life was centered around accomplishing rather than relating. That's not to say that there aren't things that need doing in my life, in fact there are plenty.

I have a strong business background, so I tend to analyze: what did I accomplish? What was the result of my activity? Where is my return on investment (be it time, effort or money)?

I want to change it all to - what is the return on my relationship investment? Was the security guard at Nakumat (a grocery store) encouraged to meditate on a few verses we gave her which results in a better life for her? Did I take the time to talk to the 'down & out passerby' and give him a job? Did I spend time mentoring the deacon who was hungry for what I have and is his life better? Did we give up an evening to be light to our 'non-believer' neighbors? Did I take the initiative to talk to our kids' friends who are soon graduating to give them counsel about things I wish I knew at their age?

As I sit here reviewing my relationships, taking stock of what has happened, I am thankful that we've made some good choices. Many times it is easier to do things rather than building people. I totally get that. My nature is to do my own thing, read a book, watch a movie, relax at home. I have to push myself to be with people sometimes. But when I do, I am thankful I made that decision.
  • Her name is Perina. She got a job working at BANCS, and was promoted to Jetpatcher as the Security Supervisor. She was the faithful guard that Marjorie loved on at Nakumat.
  • John Baptist is a refugee from the fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He now is a member of the road repair team for Jetpatcher. He had asked us for a job.
  • Godfrey is my good friend who has worked with me on some large projects at Grace Assembly Church. He has gone back to his property in his village and started planting crops and is doing better financially. He is the deacon at church.
  • Moses, Kaleb, Steven and Nathan have either graduated or are about to graduate. We've talked about the US Military and about their next step in life. They're Nick & Krister's friends.
Most times, I want to look for the quick ROI. Relationships aren't about anything quick. They're about long term investment that pay good dividends.

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