Saturday, September 7, 2013

Funny Signs & Such

by Glenn Broce

(Click a photo to enlarge)
$9 box of Rice Krispies

Lebanese Food in Uganda. Wait!


Mmmm - $8 goodness!!

Wally-Mart - sorta


You really gotta want the $11 cake! But, chocolate...Mmmmm

Astronaut's drink in Uganda. Yea baby!!

I'm just glad we weren't advertised that we could walk on water. Whew!

First & only time I ever saw Root Beer in Uganda. Yep, flatter than the world in 1300 A.D.

Punctuation could make all the difference in a sign!

Gingery goodness!!

What else is there to say?

Happy Science is a front for homosexual agenda

3lbs. for just $32

I don't like hot sauce, but this just looks too good!

"My Tiger Oats will eat your Quaker Oats for lunch, any ol' day!"

Hooked on fonix?

Value pack @ just $19 per jar. What a deal!


Hope you drove your compact car today!

Good thing it's open 24 hours! Watch the sides!

A.K.A. 'Witch Doctors R Us'

Believe it or not this is rush hour...well...

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