Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Once every 500 Years

by Glenn Broce
Rare Solar Eclipse

The last one happened about 500 years ago and then next one wasn't supposed to happen for another bunch of years.

On November 3, 2013 we had an "hybrid solar eclipse". Most Ugandans didn't really know what to expect and hadn't seen one before. Astronomers from all over the world descended upon Uganda, as it an optimal viewing location.

Marjorie and I had our "Eclipse Glasses" and were enjoying looking at the eclipse and sharing with Timothy, our guard that day. Then I decided to go out on the street and share with some "neighbors" our glasses.

From kids to adults, moms & dads,  they all got a big smile on their faces to see something they've never seen before. It was fun for us to provide fun for them!

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