Monday, November 25, 2013

Rubble Rousing Rebels

Teargas near our offices as there are demonstrations in Kampala
by Glenn Broce
Today, there were numerous demonstrations that the police had to quell, with force and tear gas. The Lord Mayor of Kampala had been found guilty of 8 of 12 charges brought against him last week. This morning, the city councilors held a vote as to whether to remove him from office or not. The vote was 29 out of 32 in favor to remove him. He and his cronies have been in direct opposition to the Executive Director (ED) and have been battling it out over the last couple of years, hampering progress. The President had hand picked the ED to bring transformation to Kampala. They are called technocrats, whereas the Lord Mayor and the other Mayors (5 divisional mayors) are the political side.

You can see the rocks left in the street too
The Lord Mayor is known to cause a ruckus, and today was no exception. He is allied with an opposition party and its former leader and they constantly stir up the idle youth to demonstrate and cause general mayhem, such as looting, throwing bricks and stones at passing cars, moving large rocks into roads to block or slow down traffic, throwing rocks at people and buildings, etc. Most times, the police are prepared and today was no exception. The riot police quickly responded with force and tear gas. Some of this happens in Old Kampala, which is where the church and our offices are located. Thankfully, we have a good perimeter wall with razor wire on top and a good metal gate to protect us.

People are fleeing from town center as Police fight back
No matter what you do, someone always wants to tear it down. No matter how much you want to bless and benefit people, someone will always be jealous and stand in opposition. Just look at Nehemiah and the walls of Jerusalem. Perseverance wins the day though!

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