Sunday, November 24, 2013

"You Cut Off the President's Toilette!"

by Marjorie Broce
Yesterday, I was on my way to teach the ladies English class at church and as I
was driving, I heard the loud honking type sirens that told me some police were trying to pass. So, I slowed down and allowed them to pass and then I heard another, and I allowed that truck full of police pass too. I then proceeded to the round about only to hear a LOUD and DEEP, HONK! HONK! from behind me! Not only that, but the police in the back of the truck that I had just allowed to pass me, had long sticks in their hands and they were shaking them at me like they wanted to beat me or my van. It was actually quite hilarious looking and I could not help but smile and laugh.

I had obviously cut off (turned in front of) a big truck-like thing that was supposed to be part of the convoy that the police were escorting. The brief look I had of it reminded me of a big armored truck. Well, the street policewoman up ahead did not allow me to escape unnoticed and so she had me pull over all the way onto the sidewalk. She could not believe what I had done--and I was not quite sure what I had done....

She said, Do you know what you did? You jumped into the president's convoy! You cut off his personal toilet! (Wow, the president has a personal toilet that follows him on a truck?)

She said that I should know those honk-sirens by now since I have been here for 20 months. I told her, Nyabo (madaam), I let the loud ones by and did not know that there were more in the convoy. Usually, they will have a loud one at the end of the convoy too.

She said, they were preparing the way. You need to notice these things....She said that they had already dropped the president off at the airport and they were on their way back.

She asked for my license and said she would fine me. I said, OK, but Nyabo, in America, if someone sincerely wants to do right, and makes a mistake, the officer gives a warning instead of a fine.....

She went on about how I should know the sound of the siren (they all sound the same to me...). I jokingly asked her if she would record that particular siren and send it to me so that I'll know it. She laughed at that and thought I was funny. "This one, she is funny," she said to another policeman. (I never know what they will think is funny.)

She told me that those police shaking their sticks at me will often get out and beat the car tires until they are flat and beat the car as well....Thank God He protected me from that!

Eventually, she let me go with a warning. I had her name written on a paper in my car so that next time I drive by I can yell, "Thank you, Ajak Harriet, for not fining me!" She thought that was funny too......

Thank you Lord for your favor even in my mistakes!

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