Friday, December 13, 2013

Your Great Assignment

Heritage International School
by Marjorie Broce
Ya know, when I "became" a missionary, I thought I was leaving teaching in the classroom behind me. I was looking forward to getting out of the classroom.

But then, God opened the door for our children to go to an International School if I taught here--volunteered here--in Kampala. So, back in the classroom I went! But this time, part-time AND as an art teacher/speech teacher/cooking teacher. (Yeh, I know, that last one is quite hilarious if you know me...)

As I have taught in this school, the Lord has opened my understanding to a greater level that teachers have a GREAT assignment. We are preparing these children to reach their nation for Jesus. AND, we have the privilege of preparing kids from all over the world! So, as I impact them with my words, my life and my care for them, and my relationship with God, they, in turn, are going to impact their world for Jesus.

Wow! I may be a missionary overseas--away from my home. But even if I'm in my hometown, wherever I'm called to be, that is my mission field. If you are called to be a business man or woman, that is your mission field. Whether you're paid or not does not matter--YOU ARE IN FULL-TIME MINISTRY.

So I challenge myself to take EVERY day as an opportunity to love on these kids and to literally bring them into the presence of God for a few minutes everyday before art. Today and yesterday, each child pictured a bad situation that they have been in and then invited Jesus into that situation. They began receiving healing in their souls where they were wounded. It's amazing what I get to do! Thank you Jesus!

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