Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snorting Deliverence

by Marjorie Broce
During Bible class, Glenn was talking about the different things we can do that are part of spending time with God: Thanksgiving, praise, worship, being still and knowing that He is God, meditating on the Word, forgiveness, asking for wisdom, praying in tongues, etc. So, Glenn was telling them that we become like the ones that we spend time with. (We become more like Him the more we spend time with Him).

He gave an example and then I thought of one myself. Before I was married, I had an awesome roommate who loved to laugh. But when she laughed, she also snorted like a pig in between laughs. I really DID NOT like that particular laugh and I made a note of that to myself.

After living there for some time, I was laughing one day, and wouldn't you know it, but I snorted! I could not believe it! And I snorted many times after that when I laughed. It almost seemed like I couldn't help myself!

Of course I was demonstrating for the audience and they thought it was hilarious. They laughed and laughed and even brought it up in later conversations to me.
You DO become like those that you hang around with!

Thankfully, I'm freed from the snorting laugh now.

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