Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Will they laugh or look puzzled--that is always the question

by Marjorie Broce 
I never know what will strike a Ugandan as funny, so it's hit and miss. 

I just got back from a half hour fast-pace walk and when I was almost home, I talked to some of my boda drivers who were all at their stage (bodas are motorcycle taxis and a stage is where they are assigned to wait if they have no passenger).
  • Boda driver, Frank: You are on a walk. What did you bring for us? You went to the supermarket, Yeah?
  • Me: No, I just walked in a big circle.
  • Boda: What did you bring for us?
  • Me: Sweat, I brought alot of sweat but I don't think you want (always leave off "it" because they don't say it here.)
  • Bodas: Laughter especially for one of them named Hileri (Yes, men have ladies names here....)

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