Friday, January 17, 2014

You Saw What??

by Marjorie Broce
I'm going on a walk shortly. I'm going to be looking for things that would be different for me to see if I was just coming from America. I shall report in the comments below.
I returned home to NO electricity! So I went to school sweaty and I got a few compliments of how nice I looked, which was hilarious. Then I got home from school around 4pm and...yep, no electricity....No electricity until sometime in the middle of the night. Anyway, here is what I saw:

  • Vendors on the side of the road with a wooden wheelbarrow full of Pineapples for sale
  • Motorcycles everywhere carrying passengers, cutting in and out of cars
  • Lots of people walking on the sides of the road
  • What we would call "Shacks" they call shops, also on the side of the road selling clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.
  • Bicycles with big packages on the back being walked up the hill
  • A boy carrying a bunch of opened cardboard boxes on top of his head, probably so his mom can get the charcoal stove started for chipati (a fried flat bread, similar to a tortilla)
  • People making chipati on the side of the road with egg inside (called a rolex)
  • Taxis (vans) carrying loads of people, all over the roads, stopping wherever they please even if it stops a whole lane of traffic
  • Young boys with a basket of bananas on their heads, wanting to sell to me
  • A friend from school going by on a boda (motorcycle taxi) and saying "hi" to me as I was trying to cross a busy street. What you have to do is cross halfway, so you're standing in the middle of the street with no middle border, until the oncoming lane of traffic is open and you can cross all the way. Yep, I'm getting good at that.

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